Chapter 4 | WordPress Theming Basics Files

These files are referred to on page 48 of the book. Where we go through the development of a very basic WordPress theme.
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J2 Design Front End Development Files

Here are the untouched Front End files. They are comprised of just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There is little to known WordPress or PHP coding. The idea here is to download these files and follow along with the book converting this into a WordPress theme. Remember the HTML and CSS maybe not be perfect and in fact it has not been browser tested outside Firefox or Chrome, these files are here to give you a foundation to building your first theme. If you’d prefer you can use your own site to follow along with the book.
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J2 Design Theme Files

So if you’re the kind of person that likes to skip to the end of the book to see if they guy lives or not these files are for you. These are the finished theme files already converted and WordPress ready (still using the same basic, untested, css).
Download Files

17 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. It seems that XAMPP has some trouble with permissions and that was one of my main problems. I went ahead and got MAMP Pro and that seems to helped somewhat.

  2. What an awesome book I have no words to tell you. I am pretty advanced in CSS, HTML, but was always struggling with site dynamic stuff. I feel it’s coming… power..

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  4. Hi Jesse,
    I LOVE your book! I’ve learned so much with it. I downloaded the iBook version.

    I have a question.. I can’t seem to find any errata or support link, but I’d like to know about the NIVO slider. There is confusion as to getting it working. Would this be a plugin via WordPress? In following the instructions nothing is happening; but the graphics are showing up. The site is not published yet. I’ve got the scripts in place in their correct folders, etc..

    Thanks a bunch!
    Jim Hipolito

  5. The J2 Theme files were an extremely helpful complement to the book. Is there anywhere to see a version of the completed site in operation for further clarification?

    Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Levi

      The site you’re on is using the J2-Theme and you can also download the finalized version of the theme on this page. Hope this helps 🙂


  6. Before I bought your book, I was struggling with WP by creating child themes. Using other themes or creating child themes just wasn’t working for me. This book was a god-send. It explained for me many of the issues I was previously dealing with. I was halfway through the book when I came upon the WP upgrade.

  7. Pretty awesome book Jesse. I was against wordpress until recently, but needed a CMS for a client and begrudgingly started teaching myself. Most tutorials are hard to follow, but your book has helped tremendously. I have the Kindle edition and it looks like you updated the my-basic-theme files to include a starter css and php file, ah shucks, I didn’t even have to cut and paste HTML!

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